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Experts from the world of data, research, communication and public policy

Sprint Insight is a political and business consultancy and advocacy firm specializing in research and polling, strategic communications, audience targeting and campaign management for our clients.


Political and business decisions are what we strive to analyze and deeply understand. Sprint Insight employs experts from the world of data, research, communication and public policy, who are connected by the belief that only directly obtained quantitative and qualitative data can help us understand the psychological and behavioral aspects of political and business decisions.


Responding to our clients’ needs, we conduct focus groups and public opinion polls that answer our clients’ questions how to make the right decisions, understand their audience and communicate their messages effectively.


In the Big Data world, we turn data into information and information into insights. We help you to see the bigger picture with a small amount of data, but also in a profusion of data we help you to find answers to your specific questions.


Nuanced insights makes all the difference, and those are the core of our engagements with the clients. We invest our knowledge of the political and social context to extract the right data and zoom into tiny borders of human perceptions and reactions in order to provide our clients with insights which could be utilized.


Technology and brain science is what we are looking to include in our work, partnering with local tech companies. We use their advance technology and innovative approach to pair cognitive and behavioral metrics for the purposes of our projects, and combine our insights and knowledge to utilize their tools for our clients’ needs.

Dušan Milenković

Head of Operations

Nikola Jović

Research and Insights

Dušan Vučićević

Research and Analytics


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