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What We Do

Resolving complex problems through simple and insightful solutions


Surveys and public opinion polls are vital for your campaign. We use innovative polling techniques, bringing you audience data quickly and accurately for a low price. Through polling we help you enhance your strategy, test your message and identify target audience demographics.

Focus Groups and Qualitative Research

Understand the WHY – not just WHAT – of public opinion. Our team is savvy in conducting focus groups and in-depth conversation with your target audience that get to the bottom of why people feel the way they do. We are relentless in tailoring and testing your message using focus groups to make it perfect.


We turn your data into insight, so we can evaluate your performance and make better decision about the right audience to target and how to reach them. Our data and analytics teams will help you build a more effective -- and cost efficient -- strategy to meet your goals.

Strategic communications

In a world full of deafening noise from advertisements and messages, breaking through to your target audience is nearly impossible without the right message and media strategy. Sprint Insight is using innovative techniques to persuade your audience and appeal to their emotions, values and interests. We use traditional and new media break through the noise of information and deliver your message in creative, timely and impactful manner.

Creative content

We think that good communication strategy implies compelling creativity. In an increasingly congested communications environment, even if you say something important and even if you say that loudly, you still might not hit your audience. The design of the narrative is accompanied by the design of the visual. In Sprint Insight all creative solutions are tailored to fit the communication channels and audience perfectly. We capture audience insights and relate them to the heart of your message.

Campaign management

Sprint Insight team can help you reach your campaign goals, no matter how big or small the stake is. With extensive experience in campaign and advocacy work our integrated knowledge in communications, data and digital is unmatched. We identify your audience, craft the perfect messages to move them and put the right narrative-visual strategy in place online and off to get it done.

Eye Tracking and EEG

Our neuromarketing experts can help you to apply the latest lab knowledge to your campaigns. Track eye position and movement, helps you gain access to the visual attention of your consumer. That way you can see things such as a posted billboard on the street or a post on Instagram with a consumer eye. With EEG our experts can monitor brain activity and infer what type of reaction the consumer is having to different stimuli: whether he is happy, sad or not reacting at all when he hears certain political ideas. EEG reveals patterns of brain activity associated with different areas of the human mind and helps you leverage that knowledge into your projects.

Data Visualization and Geo-analytics

The research process often produces a great variety of data - some quantitative, some qualitative, and often a mixture of both. We use top-notch technology to visualize data. We extend this to geo-analytics. What’s missing from the traditional analytics tools is the “where” in the data — the relationship between that data and its location in physical space. Geo-analytics provides a new context and perspective to data that can immediately help users discover new insights and communicate more effectively with both co-workers and customers alike.


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